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A great opportunity, some energy to spend, fifteen months of very hard work to renovate this beautiful late nineteenth century small farm, and in May 2014, my wife & myself were opening this brand new guesthouse in Chaumont-Gistoux.

Let's do it !

We had this in mind for some time. To arrange a couple of guest rooms within our home, once our three boys would have left the nest.


And then our friends from La Maison de Palou in Limal came up with this crazy idea: why not renovate a house close-by and redesign it from top to bottom into a decent and authentic guesthouse ?


Fond of nature, gardens, landscapes and healthy life style, we will be happy to share our enthusiasm for the great environment in this unspoiled part of the province of Walloon Brabant, whether you are here for business, visiting your family or some friends, or on a leisure trip.




Jean-Luc & Isabelle Guilmot

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