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Good & healthy

Homemade jam, organic muesli, multicereal organic homemade bread baguette, fresh orange juice, home made organic apple juice, ...


And of course great coffee and a wide selection of teas.


All this served in traditional stoneware dishes & cups made by Bernadette Dauvrin, a potter from Chaumont-Gistoux.

Organic home produced eggs

The Kat (a famous Belgian cartoon character) is fond of them !


Your host makes sure the hens go undisturbed to offer you, as often as possible, deliciious organic eggs, directly from his own henhouse.

The old barn has been transformed into a cosy and bright dining room. The fireplace is now in the middle of the original drinking trough where, as evidenced by the rings still present, cows were tethered only half a century ago .

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